These Stages were set up thinking about athletes wishing to improve some details of their tennis as well as preparing their competitions, or simply to have access to other training partners and working methods.


Competitive Programs:

> School´s Holidays Stage: Full time programme for competitive players from 8 to 18 years old during the school holidays period. Group and individual practice with professional tennis coaches. Possibility to travel for tournaments with the group of academy.

> Pre-season stage: In December and January you can join our competitive players for the pre-season. We emphasize the physical, mental and technical training.

> Pre-competition stage: Preparation of tournaments with our coaches and players. Emphasize on the tactical and mental work.

> Professional: Possibility for the ATP and WTA players to use the Academy’s facilities with their own coach and to look for support from other players of the Academy as sparring.

> Competition: Possibility for all levels of players (national, TE, ITF, ATP or WTA) to travel for tournaments with our group of players and coaches.


Our Programs includes:

  • Daily tennis, mental and physical training (Mornings and afternoons);
  • Accommodation and meals;
  • Service of diagnosis and treatment of injuries by the physiotherapist (Physioclem);
  • Transfer from and to Lisbon Airport;
  • Traveling for tournaments.